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Still Point Transformative Coaching  

Beyond Traditional Therapy and Long-Term Coaching

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Welcome to Still Point Coaching, where our unique approach sets us apart from traditional therapy and long-term coaching. We specialize in short-term, impactful sessions that provide actionable insights and practical results in times of transition.

Within three to four sessions, you’ll not only gain deep insights but also leave with a personalized, actionable roadmap. This plan is adaptable, designed to integrate smoothly into your life at your pace. Our strategy includes developing targeted interventions, reshaping how you tackle challenges and tasks. These interventions are geared towards fostering positive change and boosting your efficiency in all areas of your life -


But be ready for a self-made storm the will feel like hell before you can see the other side. Between the turmoil and the new you will be a Still Point that you can access anytime in the future for transformation and growth

Our Clients: A Global Tapestry of Success

At Still Point Coaching, our experience spans a wide array of fields and geographies. Clients have benefited from our unique approach in areas such as leadership, personal development, health, and wellness. Our clientele is as diverse as our expertise, encompassing business leaders, Olympic athletes, teachers, parents, therapists, military veterans, and entrepreneurs. We've had the privilege of working with individuals from various parts of the world, including the U.S., Austria, Germany, India, Lebanon, and Malaysia. This global reach not only reflects the universal applicability of our coaching methods but also enriches our practice with a wealth of perspectives and experiences.

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Affordable, Flexible Pricing for Every Stage of Your Journey

Our pricing is structured per session, with options ranging from two to four sessions. For professionals, session rates range from $450 to $650. For students, we offer a special rate of $350 to $550 per session.

Engagement Process: Guiding Towards Self-Sufficiency

Our engagement process starts with an initial consultation, followed by focused coaching sessions. If you don't find substantial benefit within the first two sessions, we can extend up to four sessions. We believe that ongoing support from a single coach is not always the best approach. Instead, we'll help you identify and connect with other resources – educational materials, therapeutic services, or specialized coaching.

We are open to future engagements after a period of six to nine months, allowing you to apply what you've learned and return if new challenges or growth opportunities arise.

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