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About Manu Rehani

Unlocking the potential of everyone we touch

Manu Rehani is renowned in several fields as an innovator, cognitive research analyst, published author, engineer, advisor and mentor. As a consultant he serves decision and change makers who have a positive view on where human consciousness should go. What Manu brings to the table as his expertise is cross-disciplinary thinking and execution-focused roadmapping, which are informed by his prior experiences, present-day innovations, a series of patented works, and a 'Dalai Lama' spirit.

Beyond his professional experiences, Manu is a father and earth buddy. Passionate about causes, like #SaveSoil, that we as a generation have the privilege to be able to solve and responsibility to tackle. Manu has always been a curiosity filled child and remains so to this day, always looking for new ways to make personal growth, mental health and a sustainable lifestyle accessible to all

His professional accomplishments include a rich portfolio of patented works that have impacted systems, scholars, and professionals alike; he has written and co-authored a series of scholarly articles and other works alongside leading pioneers in Technology, Business and Philosophy


Manu Rehani and Save the Soil

The greatest joy as a father is seeing the sense of freedom, agency and possibility light up in children...and those willing to look at life situations with a playful gleam in their eyes

My teenage daughter dives headlong into the details of anything she chooses, whether it’s ballet, proceedings of a legal case, fixing a broken door, organizing her room or leading a hike. Her older brother has the wide embrace of a giant who brings everyone along to explore the world he opens up for us as a wilderness guide. They are a joy to experience, and I’m grateful for having my best friend, their mother, be my guide and partner in parenting.

Outside of family, I love taking a student or mentee under my wings, creating the ambiance for them to grow, and watch them take flight. Yes, the father figure in me lives for that bitter-sweet moment again and again and again. I’ve been blessed in having multiple paternal and maternal influences growing up. Each doing the best they could. Both my parents had their beginnings in impoverished rural families that were pushed into north India as refugees in the middle of the last century. It gave them the tenacity and work ethic that carried them to  make university professors of themselves. Father, a Chemistry Professor, Mother, a professor of Sanskrit and Ancient Indian Histories. The times when they were not able to raise my brother and me, our aunts and uncles were there, and they passed on the wisdom of their lives as family folk, military people and farmers - indelibly coloring my life

Manu Rehani







Countries with clients


Students mentored


 Speaking engagements


Volunteer Programs

Training and Certifications

Anatomy Trains | Neurophysiology | Neurovascular Myotherapy | Ericksonian Hypnotherapy | Acceptance & Commitment

Therapy (ACT) | Wim Hoff Methods | Somatic Movement | Mindfulness Practices | + numerous project management,

client management, marketing, and data analytics certifications.

Cross-pollination of concepts from these modalities informs a lot of my work in linguistics and has helped me see the human organism and human organization in new ways.

Core Values.

To Create and Inspire Change Through Knowledge, Truth, and Research


Coaching and Mentorship.

Paying it forward.


Talk is cheap.

Action matters.


Inter-disciplinary innovation and crossroads of technology 


Love's simplifying complexity and building bridges


Political and Social Impact

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