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Representative Publications and Patents

Neurophysiology, Language & Social Sciences

Neuro-Awareness Enhancement Wearable Tech

US PAT8952796; 2015

Charting Shifts of Behavioral Variations in Text 

US PAT 9020807; 2015

Measuring Meaning Levels in Communication 

US PAT 9269353; 2016

AI-based analysis of self-organizing teams

US PAT 9667513; 2017

Assessing Learning Styles Through Text 

US PAT APP 20140229483; 2014

Quantifying People Affinity by Analyzing Text

US PAT APP 20150012263; 2015

Measuring Personal Involvement Levels Through Text US PAT 8577718; 2013

Business Process Management Strategies Data Analysis and Modeling for Process Control; 2005

Project portfolio management Best Practices Technology Management for the Global Future; 2006

Tribal & Organizational Knowledge Management US PAT 6512985; 2003

Behavior Analysis Through Text

US PAT 8996359; 2015

Technology & Physical Sciences

Cloud Storage and Streaming Protocols

US PAT 9787454; 2005

Statistical Circuit Testing for Sub-Micron Technologies

IEEE VLSI Test Symposium; 2002

Run-time Cyber Attack and Theft Security System

US PAT APP 20140215211; 2014

Self-Learning Fault Detection System

US PAT 7390680; 2008

AI to Detect Anomalies in Electronic Data Records

US PAT 7305634; 2007

Indirect Detection of Qualitative Outliers in Data

US PAT 6807655; 2004

Nano-crystalline steel making process

US PAT 7736444; 2010

Maximizing ROI of Circuit Test

International Conference on Test; 2004

Fault Assignment Based on Statistical Weighting

US PAT 6658361; 2003

Dude! Where's My Data?

IEEE Design & Test of Computers; 2005

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Academics & Certifications

MS Chemical Engineering | Oregon – 1997 | Oregon State University

Honorary Ph.D. in Metallurgy | Moscow – 2008 | Russian Academy of Sciences

Dissertation in Linguistics | The Hague – 2016 | Leiden University College

Business Administration | Berlin – 2020 | International Business Management Institute

Legal Analytics Use Case 

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The science behind the technology.

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Case Studies 

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