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I create and inspire meaningful change through strategy, research, and clarity.

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Innovator & Inventor ·

Team Chemistry Coach · 

Engineer ·

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You are a change agent seeking support with...

Implementing your vision

Cross the distance between vision and reality with a trusted partner who will map the path with you

Understanding your people

It is always about the people; Make sure you pick up what they are putting down, and also what they are not putting down

Teaching the market

You see the world differently; Help your people and customers see it your way too

Manu Rehani in Austin

About Manu Rehani

Pushing the envelope on human perception with technology

My claim to fame isn’t that I broke the internet – it’s that I built one of its key foundations. - I’m the patent author of the fundamental protocols of cloud storage and streaming (US Patent 9787454)

"Manu is a bridge builder - across disciplines, domains and dimensions of thought ", renowned in several fields as a applied cognitive research pioneer, innovative engineer, published author, mentor, and eco-advocate - a path maker.

There is always more to things than meets the eye.  Manu created AI that reveals the feelings behind what people may say and wearables that bring touch from around the corner or across the world into our present experience. But first, he had to invent cloud storage and data streaming... Click below to read more about him or scroll down to discover his works

Manu Rehani

Publications & Patents.

AI to pick up intent and meaning in communication

US PAT 8577718; 2013

US PAT 9020807; 2015

US PAT 9269353; 2016

The basis for cloud-based storage and data streaming

US PAT 9787454; 2005

Wearable tech for improved sensory perception

US PAT 8952796; 2015

Dude Where’s my data? - Banishing data silos

International Conference on Test; 2004

IEEE Design & Test of Computers; 2005

AI to put together the best teams

Cherry picking fail-proof chips for pacemakers and Mars Rovers

IEEE VLSI Test Symposium; 2002

US PAT 6658361; 2003

US PAT 6807655; 2004

Partnerships & Affiliations.

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Manu Rehani
“The future depends on what we do in the present”

Mahatma Ghandi

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