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Inventor, Engineer & Published Author

I create and inspire meaningful change through strategy, research, and clarity.

Manu Rehani in Austin

About Manu Rehani

Advisor, Inventor, Coach & Mentor. 

I can’t say I did something so crazy that it broke the internet – But I did have a hand in building two of the internet's key foundations  

I authored the patent describing the fundamental protocols of cloud storage and streaming (US Patent 9787454)...

... and also developed one of the main mathematical equations that enables Language Models behind today’s advanced AI (US Patent 9269353)

Manu Rehani is renowned in several fields as an innovator, cognitive research analyst, published author, engineer, advisor and mentor.


​On his first job, he invented cloud storage protocols (US Pat 9787454), and more recently discovered the math for AI Language Models (US Pat 9269353).

As a consultant he serves decision and change makers who have a positive view on where human consciousness should go. What Manu brings to the table as his expertise is cross-disciplinary thinking and execution-focused roadmapping, which are informed by his prior experiences, present-day innovations, a series of patented works, and a 'Dalai Lama' spirit.

Beyond his professional experiences, Manu is a father and earth buddy. Passionate about causes, like #SaveSoil, that we as a generation have the privilege to be able to solve and responsibility to tackle. Manu has always been a curiosity filled child and remains so to this day, always looking for new ways to make personal growth, mental health and a sustainable lifestyle accessible to all

His professional accomplishments include a rich portfolio of patented works that have impacted systems, scholars, and professionals alike; he has written and co-authored a series of scholarly articles and other works alongside leading pioneers in Technology, Business and Philosophy.

"Manu is a bridge builder - across disciplines, domains and dimensions of thought ", renowned in several fields as a applied cognitive research pioneer, innovative engineer, published author, mentor, and eco-advocate - a path maker.

There is always more to things than meets the eye.  Manu created AI that reveals the feelings behind what people may say and wearables that bring touch from around the corner or across the world into our present experience. But first, he had to invent cloud storage and data streaming... Click below to read more about him or scroll down to discover his works

Partnerships & Affiliations.

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Manu Rehani
“The future depends on what we do in the present”

Mahatma Ghandi

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