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Cognitive NLP

What we say says something about us

What if the way we spoke of things could provide a window into our hearts & minds. Every word we choose and how we string them together offers clues to our intentions, frustrations, hopes, fears, biases and preferences.  Computers and AI are unable to pick up on these clues using traditional Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods.  Cognitive NLP is a new development which now enables AI to get theseinsights

Read Between the Lines

If you’ve ever wanted to pick up what someone is putting down - along with what they are not putting down - Cognitive NLP is here to help.

Understand your own emotions

Understand your own emotions self and the motivations of others at a deeper level usingwith innovative behavioral insights. about feelings, motivations, and frustrations.

People only reveal what they want you to see. [Name of tool] is here to help.


NLP offers the ability to understand emotions and the motivations of others at a deeper level. The patented technology produces innovative behavioral insights derived from Cognitive Natural Language Processing (NLP).

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